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New Release from Sue

August 2012


Sue has just released her new single "I Will Never Stop Loving You", written and recorded in Hamilton, ON, Canada. It has quickly gained airplay on stations across North America.



"Contemporary Retro Mastery......


My first listen to Sue Leonard's latest release "I Will Never Stop Loving You" left me amazed! It was like stepping back into the 60's, re-living the early 70's and travelling into the future all at the same time.


Why the 60's? - This song is masterfully crafted, just like in the "good old days"..... no digital tricks, no auto-tune, no samples, no production mumbo jumbo...... just compelling lyrics over honest, tight chord changes, sung by a warm, sometimes sultry, sometimes gritty, completely "from the heart" Sue Leonard.


Why the 70's? - Listen carefully..... can you hear George Harrison playing in the background? Does it have a sprinkle of the Travelling Wilbury's? Is it touched by the spirit of Roy Orbison? This song is definitely an uncanny combination of superb musical textures and vocal expertise.


Why the future? - Listen very carefully. This is not an over-produced, short-lived pop song desitnied for the "Musical Dribble Recycle Bin". It is truly unique, because it has the potential to become a musical classic!

..... Zane Hrynewich

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