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From Texas And Beyond With Lochlann Green

From Texas And Beyond With Lochlann Green

Coming Up!!! With Lochlann Green "From Texas And Beyond"

Episode #169 (Thurs August 11th):
Adrienne Taylor, Ajaye Jardine, Andrea Nixon, Ben Klick, Bill Wood, Brea Lawrenson, Christina Martin, Darcy Windover, Daylight Worship, Dean Brody, Hallow Moon, Harlan Wells, Henderson & Hemmerling, JJ And The Pillars, Jon Brooks, Kira Longeuay, La Famille Leger, Le Vent Du Nord, Leonard, Burns, and Dell, Love & The Outcome, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Mimi Shaw, Our Lady Peace, Robyn & Ryleigh, Runaway Angel, Tal Bachman, Tenille, and The Kendra Gale Band

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Leonard Burns And Dell
Would love to send out a BIG Thank YOU to Lochlann Green & KA Radio for featuring us on August 9th's show episode #168 which concludes the last week of this year's Canadian Artists Summer Series on "From Texas And Beyond" with Lochlann Green
Check out links below for broadcast times in your area 

Tune in online at or tune in online/mobile via TuneIn and Google Play, search KA Radio Scotland or KA Radio Scotland 2.

Look for listings below in your timezone and tune in from...
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11pm-1am UK/BST, 12am-2am Europe, and 8am-10am Sydney/Melbourne

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